• Hidden Anti-Theft Pocket

    Keep your valuables safe with a hidden back pocket for your valuables!

  • Bluetooth App Connectivity

    Comes with a fully intergrated Bluetooth app that allows you to connect your LED Hydra anywhere!

  • Full Color Display

    The LED Hydra includes a 64x64 LED Dot Matrix display allowing complete customization of your screen!

  • 2-Liter Hydration

    Designed to hold up to a 2-Liter Hydration bladder to keep you hydrated for longer!

  • Durable Material & Safety in Mind

    Made with water-resistant nylon ripstop material to ensure durability with built-in Reflective Strips to keep you safe!

  • USB Connectivity

    Multi-pocket interior includes a specified location for your power-bank that allows for USB connectivity!

Already Own a Power Bank?

No problem! You can order the LED Hydra without it and save a few bucks.

Please note, a power bank is required to use the LED screen. We recommend at least 20,000 mAh for optimal performance to last you through the night. Plus, you'll be the hero when that one friend inevitably forgets to charge their phone before going out :)

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